Sunday, December 26, 2010


Every year it's the same thing.  The Grinch in me arrives around the first of November.  Something happens to make my heart grow three sizes around the beginning of December.  Then around the middle of December, the spirit of giving, and of Christ, and of generosity of heart and spirit - mind and body arrives and I feel the need to be nice.  To do nice things.  To be generous with time and money - and food and labor - and by the time Christmas rolls around, I really feel spent.

I'm tired.  I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to give and help others.  This year we didn't do anything really awesome.  I donated coats and hats and gloves to some "inner city" families. I knitted some hats for my brothers eagle scout project.  I donated to a "sub for santa" for a family in my neighborhood hit by some tragedy right after Thanksgiving.  I made a billion cupcakes with a friend to give to neighbors.  I gave gift cards to people, taped to their doors on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday my little family and I were bombarded by love.  Isn't that what Christmas is all about?  Being with the people you love, who love you back.  We were gifted wonderfully generous and thoughtful items - things to make our lives more fun, entertaining, relaxing, and purposeful.  We were gifted a trip to Disneyland by my parents, all we need to do is set the date (oh, I'm so excited).  We were treated to food and family and laughs and hugs.

We served each other.

Isn't that what life is all about?  Serving our fellow man?  It isn't about the presents one day a year, but about how we can help people all year long.

Yesterday was a great day.  One of those days where "our cup runeth over".  There are so many stories and pictures - they'll come later.

But right now, can I tell you I loved Christmas.  I loved going to church today, the day after Christmas.  It was such a blessed reminder of why, at least for me, we do all that we do all year long.  As a kid and a young adult, the holiday was such a let down.  So much build up for one short day.  As an adult however, and as a mom, I really think (at least I hope) that I've figured it out.  I hope I've figured out what this season is about.  And I pray that I can always do my part to help those around me and that I can be guided to those that may need my help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all - all 10 of you who read this thing, including my mom.

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Adelaide's Mom said...

I read it!! Love your trip gift. Awesome. Sounds like you DID do alot of giving. Go girl.


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