Friday, January 04, 2013

Quinner: 4 months

Alrighty baby boy.  Another month older and a few days late on the blog post.

I took you to the doctor today.  The stats are:
Height: 27 inches (rounding up from 26.75)
Weight: 19 pounds (rounding up from 18.14)
Off the chart for height and weight.  75% for head circumference.

The last 4 weeks have been pretty fun.  You are a pretty fun little guy.  You are a smiling and cooing machine.  You love to laugh at your brothers and chew on all the toys you got for Christmas.  The tickle spots that work the best are your fat little legs, your fat neck, and right between your shoulder blades.  Lately, when you're playing on the floor, if you feel like we are ignoring you (which we are not by the way) then you let out a tremendous yawlp.  Just to make sure you have our attention.

Merry Christmas to all!  Can I go back to bed now?

Just in the last few days you've figured out that if you arch your back and wiggle your toes just so, you can squirm your way out of anything.  The swing.  The bouncy seat.  A chair.  My lap.  It's pretty un-nerving that for being so immobile you are so mobile.  A sign of things to come, I'm certain.

You are so much like your brothers in so many ways.  You have a temper (though we don't see it often) and an appetite like Elliott did as a baby, but you are calm and zen like Wyatt was (minus the puking). And, even though I see both of your brothers in you, Grandma Judy thinks you look just like Wyatt.

If only he did this during the day in a bed

Lately, you freak out in the car, but only at night.  We're certain you are afraid of the dark - except when you are asleep.  The car light over your seat must always be on.  You don't like dark rooms.  When Elliott and Wyatt were little they would pull blankets and towels over their faces and drift off to sleep.  You however are the opposite.  We must be on "blanket watch" constantly because if you happen to cover up any part of your face, you panic.  Seriously.  Stop breathing, hyperventilate, stiff as a board panic.  And then when we get the blanket off your face, you sob and sob and sob.  It would be pretty cute, if it wasn't so sad.

What else?
You are starting to like the bath and just in the last week actually put your feet in the water instead of keeping them curled up into your armpits.

You are getting close to rolling over.  You can scoot yourself in a circle with your legs and butt. You can roll onto both of your sides but cannot get all the way over,

You sleep all night long, from about 8:30 pm to 7:00 am.

You only poop once a week but your farts are still so gaseous that the junior high kids that sat in front of you at a basketball game a couple weeks ago smelled it and thought it was one of them.

You've officially moved up to 8 oz bottles and are starving all day long.  This month will mark the start of your transition to formula and bottles instead of mom being your exclusive form of nourishment.   Why?  I'm tired of being a human pacifier, and itchy and though I love you oh so much, it's time to move on.  I met my goal, you're cool with a bottle and life without a pump will be grand.

You celebrated your first Christmas showered in gifts.

You help me make the bed every morning.

You love to be naked.

Hello bright eyed naked boy.  17 weeks old.

Your skin is so soft I cannot stop squeezing it.

I love me some sweet baby neck!

You aren't quite like your brothers before you because you refuse a pacifier and aren't a burrower.  Those boys still need mama (and dad) to put them to bed every single night and need songs sung and hands held.  You though are different.  It will be interesting to see what your sleep patterns and night time routines are as you get bigger.

New toy....

I still haven't found your song.  Elliott's song was discovered on accident during a colic induced screaming fit when he was a couple weeks old (Rainbow Connection).  Wyatt's song I started singing to him on the day he was born (Silent Night and Hey Jude).  Your song has yet to come to me.  I've tried out a bunch, but the closest one to sticking so far is "fools rush in" (Elvis!) and "somebody's crying" (Chris Isaac).  I'm not sure that either is quite yours though so I'll keep trying.

In addition to all of that?

You are awesome.

Love you lots baby boy.  Lots and lots and lots.

I can open my eyes real wide

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