Friday, March 14, 2014

Grandma Bea's 90th Birthday Party, in pictures

Our trip to Arizona a month ago was primarily focused around the 90th birthday of Ross' Grandma Bea.  Ross and I were the primary organizers and "delegators" of the party and it turned out just lovely.  It was just a family affair, and everyone who helped did such an amazing job.  It was such a great night.

When my Great Grandpa turned 90 (in 1996 I think) my Grandma rented out a catering hall and we had a huge party with a photographer.  The photographs from that party are still proudly displayed in my grandparents home, and probably somewhere in the homes of all my aunts and uncles too.  It didn't take much convincing, but I told Ross that I thought it would be really important to hire a photographer to document the event.  When you know almost all of your family will be gathered in one place for such a special occasion, it would be crazy to not document it well.

So, with his okay, I started scouring the Internet for Mesa, Arizona photographers.  I spent HOURS on google looking at websites, figuring rates, and narrowing down my choices.  After ending up with a top 5 list, I e-mailed those five hoping for a response.  I received responses from two of the five, and ended up going with the first girl who contacted me.

Chandra, of Chandra Delite Photography got the job, and after receiving the pictures from her yesterday, I am so, so, so pleased with her documentation of the party. She and her husband/second camera did a beautiful job.  The photos are bright and cheerful and do such a great job representing the joyous occasion.

Besides the fact that Ross and I are co-chairs of the double chin club, which is made evident by many of the photographs (you'd never know I go to the gym for an hour four times a week!), I couldn't be more pleased.

There were so many great pictures that I'd love to share them all, but I cannot post 280 pictures of the same event on my blog.  I did select a few of my favorites though which, shock, mostly are of my kids.

Thanks so much to Chandra!  And to Grandma Bea for giving us a reason to go on vacation and to party.

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