Wednesday, March 26, 2014

keep on keepin' on.

Wearin' o' the green

Quinn is talking up a storm, and we can actually understand a lot of what he says. He says please and thank you, and all done. He says snack and yoda and Zoe (from sesame street) as well as MELMO. He makes a sound that means outside and he sits on the couch, points to the TV and says show. And, he asks for "ha too" (Hi chew) candy. It's pretty amusing to see his little brain going so fast. And, he's figured out door knobs in the house, and how to open his car door when were parked.

Wyatt is a funny little boy. There is a kid at preschool names Braxton (like the contractions), who is strange. He always takes his shoes and socks off and he touches Wyatt's hair every day. Wyatt goes to school with awesome hair and two hours later, it's flat as can be. This kid, Braxton is "SO ANNOYING" and touches Wyatt's hair even though Wyatt and his teacher tell the kid not too. Wyatt's teacher told me that she has the kid sit by Wyatt on the learning line at school because Wyatt is a good example and a good rule follower and she's hoping some of it will rub off.

Elliott thinks too much. He is so busy trying to figure every single thing in the whole world out, and ask more questions than are humanely possible that he forgets to pack his back pack for school. We had parent teacher conferences last week and he is doing well in English, but exceptionally well in Spanish. I am really thankful for the dual-immersion program at school. I think it's just what he needs to keep his brain going all day long. He does math in Spanish, and I love to watch Elliott and Ross do math homework together, and talk to each other. It's like they have a secret language (which they do) and I'm clueless as to what they are talking about. Okay, not clueless, I can figure some of it out.

Though our days seem to be full of lots of fights, broken toys, hurt feelings and bloody noses lately, I'm very grateful for these three boys. They make me happy and I love being their mom.

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