Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Keeping our missionary up to speed

Editor's note:  I already had the idea for this post earlier in the day and am just barley getting around to it now that the kids are asleep.  I just checked my blog feeder and my sister did this exact same post today.  Apparently, we're related and we think the same things.

Anyway, on Monday's, Wyatt and I (and sometimes Quinn and Elliott) write letters and draw pictures to mail to Willie so he will get them on Wednesday, his "P" day.  On Tuesday nights, after baths and showers before we go to bed, we record a video (usually just me and Quinn) and Elliott sends Willie an e-mail.  The morning Willie reported to the MTC, we set him up with his own e-mail account.  So, he and Willie are corresponding and it's pretty much the coolest thing.  Elliott tells me what to type on Tuesday nights and then we read his funny e-mail from his uncle on Wednesday nights.  Willie writes him the best e-mails and ends them all with "I love you little buddy".  They make Elliott smile and are giving him something to look forward to - a special connection for oldest nephew and best uncle.

Anyway, I think our video correspondence is pretty cute.

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