Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stupid is as stoopid does!

Seriously, this feels like the theme of my life lately.  My mom always told me that I don't get along well with stupid people and she's right.  My patience levels are not high.

Here is an example.

This is a picture of my new bedding.  I got it a couple of weeks ago from a pottery barn sale.  Side note - my bedding my entire marriage has been from pottery barn.  Go figure.

Anyway, because I have new bedding, I now had old bedding.  It was being used, as a trampoline, blanket, tent, fort, comforter, sail boat, wrestling ring, in my bedroom on the floor by my children, but that really wasn't the best use for it.

So, Ross listed the old bedding, pictured below, for $30 on KSL. This image, along with 4 others, was featured in the sale add.


I may get a few of the details wrong, but on Sunday Ross was contacted by a woman who lived all the way in Syracuse who was interested in the duvet, down insert, and two standard shams.  But, because she was driving clear from Northern Utah, she didn't want to pay the full $30, she only wanted to pay $20.  Because we just wanted to get rid of it, Ross agreed to the price reduction and the buyer headed down.

We however, were leaving to go to my mom's for Sunday dinner when they would arrive so Ross texted to tell them that the duvet was in the garbage bag on the pork and to leave the money in the planter on the front porch.

This is where things get interesting.

When we got to my mom's, Ross received a text that they had arrived from our house, but where was the duvet cover, all the saw in the bad was a sheet.

Ross explained that it wasn't a sheet, it was the actual duvet cover, down insert and two standard pillow shams.

The next text told him, that the sheet wasn't in the bag and because the sheet wasn't there, they were only going to pay $10 would that be okay.

Ross said no, that $10 was not acceptable, and that there was no sheet included.

The next text said that there was a sheet in the picture, and they wanted the sheet.

Um...duh!  They wanted the SHEETS OFF MY BED! because they were in the picture showing what the bed looked like made.  A picture that was also taken three years ago.

Then Ross handed me his phone in frustration.  I replied.
$10 not okay.  $20 only.  Sorry for your trouble.  Drive home safely.

Then there was silence for a while.

Then another text.

It said: "Thank you.  We left the money in the snail!"

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