Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter weekend

I guess since Easter was now a couple of days ago, I ought to document it somehow, right?

We had a most excellent Easter weekend.  First, the boys and their dad had Good Friday off of school and work and made the most of their day.  They spent a couple hours at the baseball field, they got haircuts and ran errands and got slushes from sonic.    We rounded out the night with dinner, egg decorating and a movie.

Side Note:  Decorating eggs with little boys isn't all it's "cracked" up to be.  It took longer to set ourselves up than it did to color the eggs.  In fact, I think it took about 35 seconds for their dozen eggs to be colored and cracked and destroyed.  I'm glad we didn't hard boil more than 12 because we threw them away Sunday afternoon.  They were colored and quickly forgotten.

On Saturday, we got up in the morning and joined my Grandpa at his rehabilitation place for an Easter Egg Hunt.  It was the most organized (and difficult) hunt I've ever been to and there was lots of candy and treats to be had by all.

Saturday was also mine and Ross' 11th wedding anniversary. There was no pomp or circumstance involved - we exchanged funny and obnoxious cards - and did manage to go to dinner and to a museum exhibit on Saturday night. It was nice to spend an evening with my husband - a few hours more than just dinner - without any kids. Now, my thoughts were with my children the majority of the time, but getting away for a bit was nice. Even if I had to wear khaki pants.

I love my husband very much and am so proud of all that we've done in 11 years. It feels as if it has gone by so quickly, and I can only wait for what lies ahead. Lots of baseball practice, I'm sure.

On Sunday, Easter , we had a hurried morning at home to get ready for church and find our hidden (treasure hunt) baskets and then spend the evening at Ross' parents house.  It was a nice day.

And, on Monday, to wrap up our long weekend, the boys and I went to the zoo, to lunch at the training table, pulled hundreds of dandelions out of the grass, played with friends, and went to baseball.

It was a really good weekend.

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