Monday, July 14, 2014

Quinner :: 22 Months


As always, I'm days late and dollars short, but probably shouldn't let too much more time go by without your monthly update happening.

You run, jump, hop, skip, dance, dare to let go of the netting around the trampoline, water the flowers, squash bugs, ride a scooter by yourself, walk around the lake, love gorillas, and take good naps.

Some little boys are into cars.  Your brothers currently are into Pokemon.  You are only into animals.  It is very rare to find you without a gorilla or a baby giraffe, or a rhino or a penguin or a lion in at least one of your hands.  You take animals to bed, to the bathtub, in the car.  The focus of nearly every single one of your lengthy conversations is animals, usually gorillas at the zoo, and it's pretty fun to listen to you talk about them.

In the last month we've been to the zoo three times I think.  You love the zoo!  You could probably go to the zoo every single day.  You keep a zoo map in the car and look at it every time we are driving around.  I think that when both of your brothers are in school, we'll be headed up there on a few adventures, just the two of us so you can explore at your pace, not at the super speedy pace of tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.

Your vocabulary continues to expand by leaps and bounds.  At this stage you are an excellent mimic and the boys can get you to say pretty much anything.  In the car, Wyatt will say, "Quinn, say, 'purple fart machine" and you'll do your best to say it.  Or, you'll hear him say, "mom, that car has a Seattle sea hawks sticker on it" and then you'll say, "seawle sewaks."

You love to swim.  Wednesday nights at great grandpas might be your best night of the week because no matter how cold, you stay in that water after dinner longer than anyone else.  We put you in your little spider man inner tube and you float around the pool and smile from ear to ear.  You are brave and fearless when it comes to the water and that's pretty cool.

Watching swimming lessons #lovehim

You throw temper tantrums like any almost two year old, but most of the time you are pretty cool and calm.  You get mad, mostly at Wyatt.  You love to tease and torture your brothers a little.  But they've taught you how to do it so you've learned from the best.

You also love bugs.  Especially ants.  You could lay on the ground and watch ants for hours...well, maybe not hours but definitely longer than I think you could.  You just love to explore, especially on your own.  It's so fun to watch you experience new and exciting things.  And take you on walks.  Lately, since you realized you can get out of the stroller whenever you want, it's amazing to see what draws your interest and gets you up and out and moving around.

My buddy

You are my best buddy and favorite almost two year old on the planet and I love you lots.

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