Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Vacation, Week Three

Seriously Folks, minus a trip to Disneyland, it feels like we crammed two months worth of activities into three weeks in July.  Phew.  I'm pretty exhausted.

And, I took pretty much zero pictures to prove we did anything.


Anyway, here's a quick breakdown.

We swam 5 times.  Three times at great grandpa's house and two times for swimming lessons.  Quinn is completely fearless in the water, and I have some video to prove it.  The video however, is on my phone and I haven't the gumption to bother getting it off my phone and onto this blog at this very moment, maybe later.  But trust me.  He's fearless.

Today has been particularly stressful.   It is 104 degrees outside after all.  But this little suntan boy is quite handsome and I like sweating at swimming lessons with him.

Update - I uploaded one of the swimming videos.  Obviously.

We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity with some cousins and then to lunch at Cubbys.  We were behind schedule (not because of me) and we didn't eat lunch until 2:00.  That caused for some meltdowns (not me).

We celebrated Pioneer day by polishing the silverware of our ancestors.  Well, Elliott polished it, supervised by me, for $20 dollars.  He's earning money to buy his own ipod touch and he's over half way there and mom is being a little too generous donating to the cause, but I really want him to reach his goal and figure the sooner he does it, the better.

What seven year old wouldn't polish his great great grandmothers silver for $20 on pioneer day?  Exactly.   #goodwin #lovehim

Then, we celebrated our Pioneer heritage with a bbq at great grandpa's and even more swimming and eating and bravery in the water.  I wore my bathing suit much more than I was comfortable with this week, but I was told by a certain boy that I'm married to that in spite of the flab, it was a good thing.  At least he didn't mind.

Our dad was at scout camp on this third week of our summer vacation and his truck died.  It is currently sitting at a Ford dealership in Logan, Utah awaiting diagnosis and we are hoping (fingers crossed) that it doesn't need a brand new transmission.  That maybe it just needs a hug and some kisses instead.  I also got a new windshield on Saturday and in the process, some cosmetic parts of my car were broken and now I'm driving the white trash griswold mobile.

On Saturday, we hosted the 4th annual Petersen Family 24th-ish of July BBQ.  It was a great party with yummy food.  This was the first time in four years that we had nearly every single family member attend, and were only missing four.  Ross and I really like to host parties and had a great time having everyone over to play.  Ross borrowed from a lady at work a "candy cannon" and as the grand finale of the party, we shot candy at the kids and into the road for them to catch.  It was pretty fun to watch.

Brownies with chocolate malt frosting.  Time for another party!   #saturdayispartyday


On Sunday, we headed up to Smithfield, Utah, to listen to the homecoming report of a certain Elder Marshall.  He was Willie's trainer for his first few months in Lithuania and we felt pretty lucky to be able to attend the meeting.  He humored my mom and told her about his plans for the future and took a picture with us before we headed out.  It was a pretty uplifting meeting and anything that can help us feel closer to that big iggy is worth a four hour round trip drive.  And it may be the closest I get to a "summer vacation" so I'll take it.

This is Elder Marshall.  My brother's trainer in Lithuania.   He came home on Thursday from his 2 year mission and we went to hear him speak in church.   He spoke about the "light of Christ" and it was most excellent.   He is a smart kids with a bright fu

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