Sunday, June 07, 2015

Coming Home from Vacation

wood arrives for new hardwood floors.
we wait.
hardwood is installed.....s l o w l y...
installer runs out of wood and leaves.
new wood arrives.

no one comes to install.

Oven breaks.
The day we needed to leave on our vacation:
Annie has an early AM blood draw
Annie goes to her cousin Emily's temple sealing
Ross home with boys, mowing the lawn.
The floor guy comes to finish installing and start sanding
The oven guy comes.  He finds the problem, but doesn't have the part.
The house is chaos.
I arrive home, we hurry and pack up and leave so the floor guy can finish.

Commence vacation.

Arrive home with new, beautiful floors.  New rugs.  Kitchen in the family room.
Spend 45 minutes upon arrival trying to set up the new kitchen rug under the table.
Baseboards haven't been put back on.

Guy comes to fix the oven.  Under diagnosed the problem, need more parts.  Starting week 4 with no oven.
No baseboards.  Call Steve the floor guy repeatedly to find out why.  He doesn't know.

Baseball rain out

No baseboards another day.  Call Steve.  He tells us that we aren't supposed to put rugs or big furniture on the floor for 30 days.  Oops.  Thirty days is a LONG time.  We decide that the rug doesn't work under the kitchen table anyway, and pull it out.

Annie gets sick. (and is still sick 10 days later)
Baseball game.
We got to the zoo for our last off track activity.
Ross is supposed to go to scout camp.
Boys have 5 baseball games in less than 24 hour period (One on Friday and 4 on Saturday all at the same times); Ross decides not to go to scout camp.
Guy comes to nail baseboards back on.  doesn't caulk or cover nail holes.  We thought he should.  He says he doesn't and leaves.

All the furniture is still in the garage.

The fridge breaks on Saturday night.
Sunday morning, we take everything that can be saved and put it in the fridge in the garage.

Monday morning the boys go back to school.  The fridge also gets fixed.
Tuesday the oven gets fixed, finally, at 7:30 in the morning.  We should have baked cookies, but we didn't.

The week home from a vacation is always a little rough, isn't it.

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