Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The end of baseball

The boys baseball season this year lasted nearly 12 weeks.  They started in the Spring, when it was so bitterly cold we wore hats and gloves and coats and scarves to each of the games, with hand and feet warmers on standby.  The middle of the season was wrought with rainstorms and rain outs.  I think, just guessing, overall that we probably had, between both boys, nearly 10 games that had to be rescheduled because of rain.  Then of course, the season ended last week in the sweltering heat.  Wyatt's game last Friday clocked in at 102 degrees at 5:15 pm - start time.

Elliott's team lost two games in the regular season and tied for first place overall.  They handily won their first tournament game, but faced an angry foe in their second...the team they had beaten twice during the season that was not only out for blood, but they thought they were playing in the world series.  It was an unfortunate scenario, that of course, ended ugly.  The coaches on each team, so desperate to fulfill their season long agendas, argued every single play; every single batter.  At the end of our 90 minutes of regulation, the boys had only played 3 innings, when they usually get six.  Elliott's team lost an ugly battle 3-0.  The boys were sad.  My boy was sad.  I was however, ready for baseball to end.  I really didn't like Elliott's coaches this year, one angry bully in particular, and was happy for my boy to have a little bit of free time on his hands.

His team tied for first place and they pulled out their first tournament win..a squeakerby one run.  #howdenboysbaseball #thetrophyisbiggerthanhim

I always tell my boys that no matter the outcome, they need to end a game knowing that they did their absolute best.  That they were ready to play and came out swinging.  Well, my boy, in that star crossed game, was THE ONLY kid on his team to get a hit at bat, and he got two.  Every other kid struck out or walked.  No one scored.

Wyatt's team however held on until the end.  They took second in their league and after a tough loss in the first game of their tournament they rallied to take second in the consolation bracket and work their way through three more teams.  They played on their home field, and played great.  Their next game, his team was stood up - the opposing team let the league know the night before that they would not be showing up to play, but in true "baseball is run by ding dong" fashion, no one bothered to communicate that to the coaches on Wyatt's team until five minutes after it was time to start and there wasn't a team to play.  All the dads who were present however stepped in, and the kids had a great batting practice.

Wyatt's last game was last Friday.  They lost by 4 runs, but played a great game.  Especially in spite of the horrendous heat on a field where they were facing the sun and there wasn't shade for miles.  Wyatt got a trophy and his picture taken a bunch of times.  And we went to Habit burger after the game.  AND, the Waffle Love truck was parked at the park by our house so we got waffles to boot.  He was happy.

Baseball.  Is.  OVER!  Lost by 4 runs.  Took second place in the consolation bracket.  Got a trophy.  Looks cute in a uniform.  The end! #howdenboysbaseball

I know that my boys learn so much from participating in sports - things that as their parent, I just really cannot teach them.  There will always be things about organized sports, especially for the 12 and under set, that really bug me, even make me angry at times, but I wouldn't trade it out.  Elliott especially, grew a lot this season.  He became a better and stronger kid, and a very good first baseman.  Wyatt learned that you don't cry and you try hard and you run fast and you shake hands at the end of the game.  Those are important lessons for a 6 year old.

Until next season...whatever that season may hold.

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