Monday, June 22, 2015

Week in Review

The week was busy.  As usual.  Busy is exhausting sometimes, but I'd rather be busy than have nothing to do.

Most of our week was spent sitting at home, waiting  for repair men.  Our oven has been broken for 5 weeks.  Every time Dave comes to try and fix it, he either finds something new wrong with it, or something that was repaired has broken again.  He's supposed to come on Wednesday.  Cross your fingers.  Of all the things that were/are wrong with it, the worst is that the igniter burned a hole through the pan in the bottom oven. Our oven is gas.  We could have blown ourselves up.

We've also been waiting for our wood floors to finally be finished.  There is a spot in front of the fridge where the boards buckled a bit.  After an entire week of waiting, the kid who did our floors showed up to meticulously sand and re-stain the boards.  Now, were just sitting and waiting for someone else to come and apply the varnish.  Until then, we have a taped off area of the floor that we cannot walk on.  In front of the fridge.  The boys are being so careful, which is great.  But it's inconvenient none-the-less.

The rest of our week was pretty typical.  Baseball and more baseball.  Missed cub scouts (because of baseball).  Mutual and scouts, errands and shopping and all that Jazz.

I've been sewing a lot lately, without a real goal in mind, just sewing.  It's relaxing.  I did though in the last two weeks make several skirts and aprons for some girls in my neighborhood going on trek.  The pattern was so cute and easy, that I made myself a skirt, too...just not as "pioneery" as the others.

We started the first of a summer filled of Wednesday night barbeque's and swimming at my grandpa's house.  The food and company are always good and even though the pool was bitter cold, the boys had a great time swimming.  Quinn is a brave little fish, and absolutely loves the water.

Elliott and Wyatt's teams both made the playoffs.  Elliott's team won on Tuesday night and they play again this Tuesday, but play the toughest team in their league.  Wyatt's team got blown out on a far away field by tiny little munchkin children.  He has another game on Wednesday.  Both boys played well and have had a great baseball season.  This baseball mama however, is ready for them both to loose their games so we can get on with our lives.  Baseball is in it's 11th week.  It's time for a change of sport.

Saturday was a super busy day, wrapping up a busy week.  We had a day full of errands and housework and yard work.  I spent some time volunteering at the sign-in/registration table at a charity 5k.  We wrapped up the night watching West Fest fireworks from my parents church park.

Sunday was father's day.  I have really good fathers in my life, all of whom I'm very grateful for.  Ross and I hosted dinner on Sunday and minus Jack throwing up minutes after the prayer was said, it was a good meal with tasty desserts.  I guess having a broken oven has it's advantages.  I found a new bakery, so I'd say it was a win.

The little guy on the left is the first thing I made when I started sewing a couple of years ago.  I've come a long way and the little guy on the right is much cuter.  These are tooth fairy monsters.  The details are on my other account @ohhonestlyhandmad

His team tied for first place and they pulled out their first tournament win..a squeakerby one run.  #howdenboysbaseball #thetrophyisbiggerthanhim

The beginning of summer. #happyplace

He played a great game but his team got homered.  #howdenboysbaseball

Happy father's day.  I like these guys a lot

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