Friday, October 02, 2015

A whole lot of insignificant in the grand scheme of life but still important things....

Our state fair is the best state fair.  Don't misss it, don't even be late!

We went to the fair.

Tried a new place for dinner tonight.  Bumble bees.  My burger was "the vampire" and coated in garlic.  And Ross ordered me onion rings.  Probably sleeping on the couch tonight.  Onion rings were awesome, like tempura batter awesome.  Burger....I'd prefer

We've eaten a lot of food. Some of it better than others.

Today, my chocolate chip cookie game is on point!

Today's cookie.  The soda shop knock off sugar cookie.  The frosting is blue because I don't want Swig to sue me.  😜

I've baked a little. It's pretty much not my thing anymore, but I can still make a pretty mean cookie. Well, a nice and edible cookie. "Mean" meaning tasty.

My favorite part of the day.  Especially when they wear matching shirts a d don't know it.

I've driven to the school. A lot. Elliott is now in the band, trombone player, and has to be to school four days a week by 8:10. We get up really early now. Quinn and I take Elliott to school, come home, finish getting Wyatt ready, and then take Wyatt to school. At least they both finish at the same time now since Wyatt is a first grader. Two drop off and two pick up trips would be a bit much in a day. Quinn and I spend a lot of time buckling buckles.

Crafting...we drew pictures for uncle Willie of sniper, among other things.

Weirdos in the woods

I really like my family.  I really like that we do things together.  Activities like this remind me of Thoreau, I want to live deep and deliberately and when I come to die, I want to make sure that I lived a good life with the people I love

We went to the Mountains to live deliberately and suck out all the marrow of life. Really, to eat charcoal burned steaks and baked potatoes and salad, but eating those things in the mountains with crisp fall air is just so much better. Really. It is so. much. better.

I finished 4 bags today and made one compete bag today.  That's 5 canvas and leather tote bags brought to you by my arthritis, my love of sewing, etsy, abd one very lazy 3 year old who doesn't want to do anything but, "watch a show".

I've been making a lot of bags lately for family, friends, neighbors, and strangers on ETSY. It's keeping me busy and creative. I'm excited to be doing it all.

Soccer Saturday!  Both bits had great games.  Woohooo!

Soccer - both boys practice on Thursday nights and play games on Saturday mornings. It's a little crazy getting everyone to their field on time, and trying to watch both games, but it's fun and Elliott and Wyatt are doing awesome.

Pinewood derby car final stages.

Everyone is a winner at the Pinewood Derby! Elliott's first foray into the derby was a success. He didn't have the fasted car or win anything but he got a ribbon for participating. Dad got really into the car building and in his own words, "Maybe I over thought it a bit too much", but it was a great way for these two to spend some time together.

I signed my kid whose afraid of other people up for a 6 week sports class.  The deal today on week 5 was that if he did it all by himself and didn't cry he would get a Caesar's pizza.  He got the pizza. I'm very proud of him.

I signed Quinn up for a sports class. It's gone as expected and better than expected. He just doesn't do people. But, if he's ever going to go to primary or school, he's got to start at least standing and holding a ball next to a kid, not his mom. To get him to participate without crying, I've been bribing him with "chichen" nuggets. He upped the anty this week with a cesars pizza.

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