Monday, October 12, 2015

He can come home anytime

"We got hugged by a very smiley woman on the street. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood still and said thank you...". #lithuaniaexpress

He doesn't have a return date yet, or at least not that he's letting on or that we know of.  

In his letter today he said he was now the "senyvas" missionary.  That means the "old" missionary.  There are sister's who went out after him, who are now going home before him.  That must be a strange feeling.

His letter today was a bit melancholy.  My sister called it trunky.  Last week, on Monday, a friend of his from a good family up the street from my parents passed away suddenly.  He was a year older than Willie.  I have no idea how many e-mails he read this morning telling him of Ahmed's passing. I'm sure it was more than he wanted and knowing my brother, he was probably really upset about it and really needed someone to talk to.

Today it feels like he's been gone a REALLY long time.  The last week or so, it feels like the closer we get to him returning home from his two year mission that time is moving like concrete...not at all.

I texted my mom this afternoon:

I miss my brother.  I want him to come home.  Just thought you should know.

She replied:

I think he needs a hug.

I think she's right.

A mission is a valiant service and sacrifice and I am so proud of my brother.  He has helped so many people, made excellent life long friends, and grown more than any of us probably ever thought the big iggy was capable of - I mean gosh, he can cook now.  Like real food.  

But, basketball season is starting and if he plays his cards right, he might be able to catch the last game or two of the Runnin' Utes season.

We will get to talk with him on Christmas day.  His 21st birthday will be five days later and before we know it, it will be February and hopefully he will be home, to lay on our couches, eat oranges, and laugh at cartoons.

I just miss him.  

I'm ready for him to come home.

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fivewoods said...

You have hit a wall - ready for him to be home - he will before you know it.
Lucky me - just starting the adventure (again)!


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