Friday, October 16, 2015

Antelope Island

It's Fall Break!  Our dad took the day off of work.  I've been in a funk all week.  Elliott has wanted to see what was on Antelope Island for weeks so, as our stars aligned, it was time to go on a "fall break get mom out of her funk antelope island outdoor adventure".

Yee Haw!  Say that 5 times fast.

It was a beautiful day to be outside exploring some place new.  The kids had a great time, got super dirty and caught brine shrimp with their bare hands.  Quinn hiked up a mountain and only fell down once.  We saw bison and probably still have some wayward flies stuck inside our car.

I cannot remember, though I'm sure I have, ever going out to antelope island.  The Great Salt Lake is pretty cool and on the North side, where you cannot see any land, it really truly feels like the end of the the kids are just standing on glass.  We should have been more prepared for the water portion of our adventure, but I was proud of my kids for hiking, having fun, and eating a tasty dinner at an authentic Argentine restaurant in Clearfield on the way home.

As always - pictures.










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