Sunday, November 01, 2015

Another Halloween Bites the Dust!

It's come and gone, again.  All it's excitement, pent up energy, emotional explosion is over.  Now we're just left with a lot of candy that they really won't ever eat (I'll throw it away in a week), and the countdown to Christmas.

Friday was the annual Halloween parade at school.  I must officially be old because there were so many costumes, particularly girl costumes, that I just had no idea who the kiddos were channeling.  Boys are easy, they are either something gory, a super hero, or a ninja.  For the most part anyway.  Girls are tricky and just confusing.  If a little girl isn't a Disney princess or some kind of witch, I was pretty much lost.

Oh well.

From the moment we started talking about Halloween costumes, Elliott knew what he wanted to be.  Elliott was a nerd.  Yes, he didn't have to try that hard, but he put his whole costume together all on his own.   All I had to do was buy him some "expanders" (suspenders) and help him with his hair.  He pulled it off quite well.

A skinny jeans and pink socks (not pictured)

At first, Wyatt wanted to be a butler.  Yes, a butler.  Not knowing what a butler actually is, we talked about being a waiter.  Deciding that he didn't want to carry a tray around as part of his costume, we were stumped.  I decided that he should be "where's waldo".  It took some convincing, but the fact that I would buy him a costume (and I wasn't buying Elliott one), sold him on the idea.  He was the cutest Waldo there every was and was the hit of trick-or-treating on Saturday night.

I think there is supposed to be someone in this picture but....I.cannot find him.  Ha!

And then, there was Quinn.  He announced early on that he was going to be a tiger.  Only problem was, he refused to wear a costume.  We already had two monkey suits and a penguin costume at home, waiting to be worn.  His old yoda costume still fit him (barley), but he wasn't having any of that.  So, it became imperative that we figure out how to let him be a tiger without actually wearing a costume.  Thanks to amazon, we made it work.  One ugly tiger t-shirt and some tiger gloves later and the kid was set.  Add some blue whiskers on his face and he was sit home with me because Halloween is spooky.

Tiger complete with blue whiskers, a Napoleon dynamite-esqe tiger t-shirt, abd some awesome claws.

My boys were terribly anxious to get out and hit the neighborhood, but as usual, they were done sooner than not and had as much fun sitting at home and passing out candy as they did knocking doors to get it.

Until next year, Halloween.  Until next year.

They just love Halloween

And now the trick or treating let down.....getting rid of everything he's allergic to.

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