Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend Activities

It's Sunday now, with nothing planned but fighting the kids at church.  And some kind of dinner.  But, our Thanksgiving weekend was pretty full of activities.

On Wednesday, we met Haley and her kids in West Valley City to ride the trax train downtown to look at the Macy's Christmas windows, and meet grandma for lunch at the City Creek food court.  The kids loved the train, were very well behaved and minus a few meltdowns in the Disney store after lunch, we had a nice ride home on the train as well.

I didn't take Quinn's stroller.  He had to walk.  It just about killed him and he slept on my lap on the train the entire way home.

Generally, I shy away from public transportation because, weirdos, but we had a pretty harmless round trip journey.





On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I had a meltdown.  Pretty typical actually, but a meltdown nonetheless.  It was small, and largely due to a miscommunication about how much work from home Ross was actually doing, but a drink and tots from sonic fixed it right up.  On Friday night, we met all the famdamily up at the Utah basketball game.  We left early because it was a blow out and I didn't feel well.  Also, pretty typical.

On Saturday, we celebrated the Petersen Family Christmas Party.  Uncle Paul was in charge.  We all went bowling and then had lunch in the rec room of his condo complex.  It was a great party and so much fun.  My kids love bowling. It was a really great day.  There were a lot of Petersen family members who were not present, but those of us who were had a great time.  My kids love their cousin Max and just gravitate towards him - Max, thanks for hanging out with my boys!

Thanks to my Uncle Paul, we have had the best start to our Petersen family party this year.  Were missing some folks but my grandma would be happy.

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