Monday, November 09, 2015

For my dad

My dad is the young men's president at church.  They are doing a missionary themed mutual this week and he asked me to collect about 40 pictures of my brother since he moved from the #greatwhitehope to the #lithuaniaexpress, to show to the kids before their activity.

Of course, I cannot stop at "put about 40 pictures on a flash drive".

I had to do a little bit more.

My brother, oh that brother, will be home in a little over 100 days.  This final stretch is a bit of a killer.

When I texted my mom that the video I made would make my dad cry she replied, "doesn't take much".

February cannot come soon enough.  Or March.  Or whenever he gets back.

1 comment:

fivewoods said...

Love it! He'll be home before you know it!


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