Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Musicals, Day Three: A day at the beach

Okay - most folks have never seen a Frankie and Annette beach movie.  It's okay.  You probably aren't missing out on much because the movies really weren't that great.  Poorly acted, bad story lines (check that, no story lines), and bad editing (sometimes you can see the film splice).

That being said, the movies were a fun part of my childhood, the best being "Beach Blanket Bingo". My sister and I watched this countless times where we were much younger than we are now.  I haven't seen it for years, but this song often pops into my head at strange times.

Like I said, classic cinema.

And who doesn't like a movie where the girl is named "Miss Sugar Cane" and it's the chick from Dynasty.

And, if I havent' sold you yet on adding this to your Netflix que, there's even a mermaid.



Bing Math said...

She totally caught that hot dog on fire.

Petersen Family said...

Oh my!


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