Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Today was a big day.  We took the Chick to the allergist.

He has food issues.  Has since the day he was born and they don't really seem to be getting any better.

After a lengthy talk about his history with our new doctor and then the prick test on his back, we now we know what those major food issues are.  Chicker is allergic to Dairy and Eggs and we've been told to avoid peanut butter until he's older.

Super easy to avoid dairy and eggs in everyday life, right?!  Hello, what planet do you live on?

Did you know that even most brands of hot dogs (which I don't eat but kid 1 does and we've thought about giving kid 2 a try) have milk in them?

Yep - it looks like the Chick and I are going vegan.  At least until he's 5 - at which time he may have outgrown the evil allergies over the next 4 years while his immune system continues to develop.


japetersen said...

So sorry Wyatt-wyatt!
Grandma loves you!

Bing Math said...

Sorry Chickadee. I saw some non-dairy ice cream in the freezer section the other day.

CINDY WOOD said...

Parker loves the chocolate silk soy milk...maybe Wyatt will too!


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