Monday, June 14, 2010

The Squirt:: 13 months

Hello my boy.

Over the weekend you became 13 months old.  You inched one step closer to super coolness, too.  Being one suits you just fine.  You move about the cabin freely exploring and destroying everything in your path.  It seems that rather than thinking you're a toddler, you are instead a rock star and our house is your hotel room to trash.

You're cute though, so I guess it's okay.

You've been walking for two months now and have figured out how to dance really well and to the beat of the music and ride a bike.  We took you to the allergy doctor to find out what you're allergic to (thank goodness it isn't me), you had a reaction to your measles vaccine, and have permanently skinned knees and a bruised head from all your crashing about.

You love to be outside.  Sometimes you stand at the front door and just beg until I let you out like a little puppy.  Chalk, sprinklers, bikes, name it and you're game.  Oh, and lets not forget eating chalk, and dirt and washing rocks.  That is important stuff, too.

Over the last few weeks you have finally figured out how to sleep through the night.  Yeah!  Your dad thanks you!  You are an absolute jabber box and at the zoo last week you thought every animal was a quacking duck.  It was pretty funny.

Though food has been your enemy in the past, just over the last week (not counting today) the choking and gagging on everything has been replaced by chewing and swallowing.  It's a miraculous development.  The pediatrician says you need to drink 12-18 oz a day of soy milk and then we can get rid of the formula.  A few swallows do not count kiddo so get a move on.

Thank you for being such a funny, smart, and beautiful little boy.  It is an absolute joy to be your mama - even if you scream like a peacock when you don't get your way.

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