Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Decision to Sell

cute house

Sometimes in life there are miracles. Little things happen, subtle things that you don't really even pay attention to...maybe because they are created by a high power, to let you know that you have made a right decision.

We'd been discussing the possibility of selling our cute little house for the last 6 months or so. We had the carpets cleaned, the house professionally painted, a few minor problems fixed all in anticipation of putting the house for sale this spring. We've looked at so many homes online that the urge to move bug has just been swimming in all our minds.

I never would have imagined that when a sign went up in my front yard last week that eight (yes, only 8!) days later my house would have a buyer, be under contract for sale, and I'd be frantically venturing out with our realtor looking for the next house.

But like I said, sometimes miracles happen. The sale could still fall through. I could still live in my house for another year or two, but right now I'm really excited. I'm excited to give my boys a yard to run and play instead of an alley and find my husband his third car garage. I'm excited at the possibility of having a "gourmet" kitchen with an island, maybe even some granite.

I love my little house. The thought of moving has brought tears to my eyes. This is the home where we became a family - where we've hosted parties and where my babies came home. There is so much sentimental goo oozing through the walls. But, I'm ready to move on. Ready for a new neighborhood, a new floor plan and a fresh start.

And that miracle thing? Seriously. How can my cute little house sell so quickly is such a bad market? One, I think it's a sign (yes, I believe in signs) that we've probably made the right decision and two, I'm pretty certain that there are some folks up in heaven working some magic for me and my little family. And for that I will continue to live right, be good, and do the best job I can in all that I do.

This truly is a blessing from heaven.


fivewoods said...

That's great. When we walked through last week as "interested buyers" it looked great! Parker was afraid someone would recognize him from his photo on your bulletin board...that made him feel "special". Good luck with finding the new house!!!!!

Leatham Family said...

Congratulations! Good luch on the hunt for a new one.

Teddy-n-Mai's mom said...

we felt the same way when we put our house for sale 6 months ago. there were so many other houses for sale in our neighborhood/street, but ours sold in 1 month! We also took it as a sign and have now been in our new home since Thanksgiving and loving it!

Rika said...

Congrats!! Wow. Do you have a house yet for you?

We are settling in here. Been in Darwin 2 weeks now. Signed a lease today to rent a house for a year. Addy starts school on Tuesday. Still lots of immigration paperwork.



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