Thursday, May 26, 2011

On my birthday...

The boys and I took my Grandma some flowers.
I've been missing my grandma a lot lately. Particularly yesterday. She would almost always call me on my birthday and be front and center at my self-thrown birthday party every year. Oh I missed her today.

The boys were so good and respectful at the cemetery. Elliott wanted to know about headstones and cemetery etiquette. He's such a good boy. Wyatt just tried to steal pinwheels from a nearby grave. He was quiet about it though and like a nice boy put them back.


My boy drew me a birthday picture on the sidewalk. It was a pink, blue and yellow birthday cake and a herd of jelly fish. I loved it. Elliott was so good yesterday. One of his best days ever. I was so proud of him and he told me that he was being especially good because it was my birthday.


We went on a walk that ended up at the park. My boys are crazy and that Chick is a daredevil. They had fun and were good boys and then even came home without a fight.


And no birthday is complete without a present. Especially a present that you pick out yourself and your husband sweetly obliges.

Side Note: I am late to the Tom's shoes bandwagon but I wore these new guys all night last night. It felt like I was walking on a pillow. These are my new favorite shoes. I'm already going to start saving my money for a second pair.

Thank you to all the friends and family that wished me a happy birthday in person, in e-mail, in the mail and via text.  I really appreciate it.


Jessica said...

looks like you had a very nice day yesterday. also, i love my toms and hope to also get a new pair for my can never have too many toms right?! i hope not because it will be my 3rd pair. happy birthday yesterday!

Rubie Hubie said...

Glad you had a good birthday yesterday :) you are great :)


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