Wednesday, May 25, 2011

living down the legend...


Today is my birthday.

I am 33.

I have a great husband, two handsome and smart little boys and the weather outside my window right now is beautiful and sunny and the tree in front of my house is actually filling in with leaves.

Today I am going to the doctor because I feel like I have strep throat. Last year on my birthday I spent the day in staff meetings for a job I no longer have. The year before that I sat at home in the dark watching sad movies, thinking sad things, all alone except for my sleeping two week old squishy baby boy.

I bought my own present yesterday afternoon just in case everyone forgot about me. A new purse and some new pajamas.  A sweet friend brought me a beautiful gift though so I wasn't forgotten and her card made me cry.  Thank you!

I spent half my night last night in the basement watching "16 and Pregnant" on MTV because the teenage girl was also anorexic and she only gained 12 pounds her entire pregnancy and it was freaking me and my fat out.

The celebrations today are going to be awesome!  Packing up my house because I have to.  Taking myself to the doctor because I need to.  And, because it's my birthday I think that today I'm going to go and visit my grandma. I've missed her so much this week and I've got some beautiful tulips from my yard that I want to share with her.


Codi said...

Happy birthday Annie!!

Love your sunglasses.

Have a good birthday and good luck with everything going on.

Bing Math said...

Happy Birthday! You're weird. I have a gift for you, but since you are not celebrating until Friday, I do need to get you one more thing and have put it off.

Happy Birthday, big sister!


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