Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Squirt: 24 Months

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday crazy cooky puppy
Happy Birthday to you!


Today is your birthday my sweet, road rashed little boy. Can you believe it? You turn two years old officially at 1:39 pm, and even though we celebrated your birthday with a big party last weekend, today will be as special as we can make it for you. The sun is shining, we'll wear shorts, and maybe go find a pig to stare at and a tractor to ride.

Oh little boy, I don't know what we'd do without you. You are crazy and funny and smart. You talk and talk and talk and 90% of it makes perfect sense. You dance and play and run and wrestle. You are brave and coordinated, sensitive and will sometimes even sit on my lap. You sleep through the night most nights now (finally) and you can eat ice cream. What little boys life is complete without some ice cream!


You love dinosaurs. Nothing is funnier than hearing a two year old say spinosaurus, brachiasaurus and t-rex. Your favorite shows are Dino Dan, Dinosaur Train, and Kipper. You love to dance and when we listen to Rock Lobster you go down, down, down to the floor and wait to jump up and start dancing again. You chew holes through binkers and love to take Tylenol..probably because your dad has convinced you it's candy.

You have a goofy sense of humor and love to call people cuckoo and poopy. Most of your favorite words, you end in an "eeee" sound. Sugar is Sugeee. Apple is Apeee juice. Chocolate is choceee. You get the idea. You are starting to love food, which is awesome but no food can compete with cake and frosting. That seems to be your thing. You can beg for a cake and I'll make you one and you can sniff out a cake in the oven fresh from a nap. It's a skill you should maybe learn to market one day little Chickie - you are like a cake bloodhound. Granted, you only eat the frosting, but we're working on that.


You love to do what the big boys do, play and run and shoot balls and play video games. It is so awesome to see your independence and love of life. You are a leader, not a follower and I can hardly wait to see the path you carve out for yourself. It's going to be an awesome ride.


For your birthday, you got a cooter (scooter) and you can now coot (scoot) the day away. It blows my mind that your little two year old body and brain are coordinated enough to do a scooter, but it's pretty crazy awesome that you can.

Oh kiddo. Happy Birthday. You are a super cool two year old and we all love you very much.

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