Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Sewing Summit

The registration girl @sewingsummit today

My good friend Erin is an amazing "sewist".  She makes capes and quilts and mug rugs (oh my!)  She is also part of a very creative blogging/sewing circle of women around the country (and in Canada) and with that as inspiration she and her friend Amy decided to create a conference - they called it "The Sewing Summit" and it started last night downtown at the Little America Hotel.

I've worked on the back-end of many conferences in my life and know how much work goes into the planning, organizing, and coordinating of such an event.  It's a ton of work.  I'd been bugging Erin to let me volunteer to help out for weeks and weeks and she finally gave in to my nagging and decided that I could run their registration table on opening night.

I spent most of my day yesterday meeting other very talented and creative women who came in from all over the country to be inspired and meet each other.  Most of these women are bloggers, having never met each other in person, but spending a lot of time being friends with each other and chatting online so it was pretty funny to see some of them just downright giddy to finally meet each other.

It was truly a lot of fun and I was so happy to be able to help.  Thanks Erin, for the experience.
  The registration girl @sewingsummit today

Lanyards @sewingsummit

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Emily said...

I am so jealous you got to do that. I wanted to attend the conference but it did not really work out with our anniversary plans.


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