Saturday, October 01, 2011


Friday night lights…again 


They did it!

The Wolverines won a game.

IT was a nail biter but such an important victory.  If there was one team to beat, it was the team we defeated last night. The boys played great.  The team was healthy.  Everyone was back in their original positions. The stands were full to the brim with cheering fans and I haven't yelled and screamed at a football game so much for quite a long time.

The end, as with all the games we watch, was so stressful that I just couldn't watch.  I held the chick tight in my lap and buried my head in his hair because I just couldn't watch them lose again.  I just kept repeating into my boys head, "We have to win.  These boys have to win.  They deserve to win.  These are good boys.  We have to win...." As the opposing quarterback threw what we were all sure was to be a catch and run into the end zone for a touchdown and another loss, one of our teams defensive linemen caught the ball and ran it back for a touchdown.

We all jumped and screamed and carried on like fools.

I was so nervous and then so excited that thought I might throw up.  I didn't have to worry about that though, because my little Chickadee puked for me.  All over the two of us.

Good thing the game was over....we had to leave!

My mom texted me that the end of game celebration was grand and the boys were so excited they were just beside themselves.  And in true, excited boy fashion, the sang on the bus the whole way home.

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!

Were winning. The first time all season. Go #74

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