Saturday, January 28, 2012

Buenos Dias

So this is Ross.  I got back last Saturday from my two week trip to Santiago Chile / Mendoza Argentina.

I spent most of my time working at the office, but it was fun to speak Spanish all day and take a trip down memory lane.  Fortunately everything has not been overrun yet by TGI Fridays, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Starbucks, etc...(despite all of these restaurants being within walking distance from my hotel in Santiago).

I have tried to summarize my experiences via the following lists...I have also attached some pictures.

5 best things:

1 - Asado
2 - Milanesa a la Napolitana
3 - Dulce de Leche
4 - Warmth / sunshine
5 - Hearing Spanish all day

5 weirdest things (about Chile):

1 - EARTHQUAKES - I was in a 5.1
2 - They eat hamburgers w/ knife and forks
3 - Avocados on EVERYTHING
4 - Pizza (so weird)
5 - Plants growing on the side of buildings

and finally, 5 thoughts and observations about Argentina:

1 - It looks EXACTLY the same (so much for progress - just dustier and more graffiti)
2 - I saw the one eyed dragon less than 1 hour after touching down at the airport...I never saw it in Chile
3 - Instead of speed bumps they had speed dips
4 - The inflation is out of control (4.30 ARS to 1.00 USD)
5 - It is depressing to see such a smart / good people struggling because of TERRIBLE governments

The best part of being gone for two weeks is coming back home (and try to rescue Annie).

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