Monday, January 16, 2012

In a nutshell....

Once again, our days in instagram.

Flashing his gang sign. It means, "I'm driving my momma bonkers. Hey, check out my new haircut!"
Haircuts and gang signs

Our weekly visit to a local toy aisle.
A couple of trips to the toy aisle at Target

60 new Instagram pictures on the photo wall today. They make me happy.
New photos on the photo wall

9 hours of work yielded me 14 croissants. Make that 13. I ate one. It was delicious.
Croissants for dinner with grandpa

Today I opted for a 30 min nap and an art project instead of exercise. I think I made a wise decision.
Starting but not yet finishing a crafty project. Maybe tomorrow?

He started varsity tonight. Way to go @williepetersen
Friday night basketball - he started varsity and played an excellent defensive game.

At cabellas for a field trip
Field trip to look at stuffed animals with Grandma Connie

Celebrating his bday a little early.
Practicing blowing out candles for his birthday next week.

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