Friday, January 13, 2012

Notes to self:

Aaahhhh!  They are attacking my drink!

Note to Self 1:  Nutella, when kept in the garage during the winter gets cold.  It gets so cold that when you bring it in the house to prepare breakfast for little munchkins it is frozen solid.  From now on, keep Nutella in the house at 74 degrees.

Note to Self 2:  When deciding to microwave nutella because it is frozen, make sure to take all the foil seal off of the top of the plastic container.  ALL THE FOIL SEAL.  Otherwise, you'll miss a little smidgy widgy edge and your microwave will send off sparks!  And those sparks are not because it's happy to see you.

Note to Self 3:  A chicken mcnugget kids meal including apple slices is only 29 grams of carbs.  That is perfectly acceptable in your renewed carb conscious counting diabetic "diet".  When you are allowed 60 carbs per meal, 29 fits in quite nicely and gets you a decent french fry fix.

Also, nugget (or is it nuggett?  or nugett?) is hard to spell.

Note to Self 4:  When you have a hard time sleeping at night, a quick nap during the day seems like a really good idea.  But, that 45 minute indulgence will delay  your ability to sleep at night by over two hours.  2 hours of tossing and turning when you are already getting to bed an hour or so later than normal is not worth the nap.

Note to self 5:  Candy thermometers lie!

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Emily said...

I love this picture! I miss your mom's house. I have got to get there soon.


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