Monday, June 04, 2012

Busy, busy...

Some weekends are busier than others.  This was one of those weekends.  It was good and fun, but exhausting all the same.

This weekend marks the start of "Annie has really swollen pregnant ankles".  Yeah!  I love having my feet hurt so bad I can hardly walk.  It's so awesome.

If you need us this summer, or want to join us, you know where well be.

The boys played in the sprinklers. I blew bubbles and was the dj. Elliott told me that it was the best party we'd ever had at our new house. I am awesome.

I did however, forget to turn the hose off. For two days. My neighbors weren't so happy to go out and try and mow their lawn on Saturday morning and find a pond. Pregnancy brain? Maybe. I thought Ross had turned it off and totally forgot about it. I am making them cookies today.

Summer business is cluttering my life. Almost done making messes. Then Ug!  I have to clean them up. All for the love of shaved ice.

Friday night we opened Shavy Jones Shave Ice for the season. Getting ready for the opening has cluttered our lives, but we are cleaned up now. The health department changed the rules, rather spontaneously, and said no more ice cream. Bummer for us. Bummer for our customers. Not a bummer however for the shaved ice shacks around the neighborhood who are not following the rules and are serving ice cream. My husband? Preparing for war against the health department.

Regardless, we have a new ice system this year and the ice is literally snow. Absolute heaven.

@shavyjones @willie_petersen. Yummy shaved ice tonight.

On Saturday, we went to the baptism of my cousin's little girl.  My cousin and her family live in the basement of her parents (my aunt and uncle's) home.  Three dogs reside in the home and Wyatt is allergic to all three of them.  He made it about 15 minutes before he started coughing and itching and his eyes getting all puffy.  The food and company was good, but we had to leave.

We did however leave to go and scrub down to visit little Jack.  I dare say that my eldest is going to be such a good big brother to kiddo #3.  As my mom says, he has so much love to give, and he was absolutely smitten with his new little cousin.  He couldn't stop rubbing his head and saying, "I love you little jack".  It was totally heart melt worthy.

Meeting baby jack. It was love at first sight

And, what weekend would be complete without a little terror and destruction from the little evil 3 year old that lives in my house.  On Saturday night, he pushed the back door open as hard as he could and replaced the hole he'd punched in the wall with the door knob a year ago.  Thanks, Wyatt.

Then, after using the bathroom before getting into the bathtub he flushed so hard that the toilet flusher fell off, flew into the toilet, and went down the porcelain throne, never to be seen again.  Because it was  late on a Saturday night, we of course had to improvise and not only are their now rules about what goes in the toilet (If you know what I mean) but the lid is off and we are flushing manually until we find the time to get to home depot.


And just to top it off, that particular three year old puked 4 times yesterday night and into the early hours of the morning - a direct result of the allergic reaction to the dogs on Saturday - all giant phlegm balls in the middle of the night.

What better way to start a new week than at the doctors office, right?

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Emily said...

What a weekend. Devin and I are excited to come and get some shaved ice. I am a little sad about the ice cream but I will live. Is Jack still in the hospital?


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