Friday, June 15, 2012

eight, nine, ten.

Jan 29.012

Elliott was 15 days early and weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz.  By the time he left the hospital 10 days after birth he weighed 8 lbs 5 oz.  One of the many reasons he was born so early was that the last couple ultrasounds I had, the technicians had him tipping the scale at 10 pounds.

We've always rounded up his weight to 8 lbs.

baby wyatt

Wyatt was 5 days early.  He tipped the scales at birth at 8 lbs 15 oz.  We have always rounded up to 9 lbs because what's an ounce, right?  Though he was never as chubby as an infant as his brother, he's always managed to tip the scales ahead of his peers.

Yesterday I had my monthly ob appointment.  Right now, at 27 weeks, I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead.  My doctor and I have a pretty good re pore and he asked me if I was okay with a 10 pounder because he thinks that's where I'm headed, especially because the goal is to keep this kid inside cooking as long as possible.  I told him that my husband would love a ten pound baby - that he'd think it was the coolest.

My doctor laughed and told me about the baby girl of a diabetic he delivered early last week.  A couple weeks early, the baby girl weighed in just under 11 pounds.  He said it was one of the ugliest baby's he's ever seen - that her face was cute enough but that she had the body of an overweight linebacker and it was just icky.  He then, told me about the mother.  She is a naughty diabetic who rather than modify her diet to meet the needs of her diabetes, she just manipulates her insulin to eat whatever she wants.  And, after every appointment she told him that she went to the Iceberg to get a large over the top shake...monthly, bi-weekly, weekly.

And, her baby showed the consequences of such behavior.  In his own strange way, he was complimenting my diabetic control.  Right now, I've got the best numbers I've had in years and am doing really well.  I may still end up with a 10 pound baby, but not because I'm a terrible diabetic....just because that's what my giant genes want to send my way.

Good thing I've only bought a few 3 month undershirts.......

Just in case.

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