Sunday, June 10, 2012

Too fast!

Egads. My five year old just lost his first tooth.

I can remember certain events from the day he was born like it was yesterday.  Though it was literally years ago, I still remember changing his diapers, teaching him to walk, to feed himself, to ride his scooter.  I still give and receive hugs and kisses, but he's too big to rock to sleep at night.

I used to read him books.  Now he reads me books.

Time moves so quickly.

Nearly two weeks ago, he told me that his tooth was loose.  I did not believe him.  The next morning, his dad said to me, "did you know his tooth was loose?"  I shrugged.

After weeks of wiggling, and tugging by dad, the loose tooth fell out this afternoon.  With no cajoling by anyone, but by a wheat thin.

My 5 year old loosing his first tooth is a big deal.  He's too young, and it makes him look suddenly too old.  Like, bring on the armpit hair and the body odor and the crackly Peter Brady voice.

How did he suddenly go from my baby to my big kid.


Now, if only we hadn't have lost the tooth.

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