Thursday, June 14, 2012

in a nutshell....

Went to @hoglezoo to check out the new exhibits. With every other stroller wielding parent in Utah.

Last week, with help of course, I took the little monsters to the zoo. We had a grand time. Thank you, helpers.

I quite literally have no ankles. They are gone. How much worse can they get in 3 months?  Ug!!!

Though during the week they seem to be okay, the last couple of weekends have been spent with terribly swollen ankles. Ankles so swollen that my feet tingle and send sharp pains up my legs. Welcome to my least favorite part of this whole, waiting for a baby experience.

Batch one of NY style crumb cake in the oven. Only 5 more to go. Phew!

She'll get her own blog post soon, by my amazing and beautiful cousin Meranda (also MK also Rwanda) is leaving in two weeks on an LDS mission to Paraguay. The boys and I love her so very much and will miss her. I made 6 batches of NY style crumb cake for the open house. It was yummy but so much work.

All boxed up and ready to go. I quit slicing at 120. I'll finish the rest at the open house.

The 2 weeks away from being a missionary girl. Oh we love her and will miss her.

What else?????

Snuggles with baby Jack, lost teeth, lots of mom school, and the start of swimming lessons. This summer is getting off to a great and busy start.

Nothing better for my spirit than a little tree frog perched on my shoulder.

Mom school Monday. Today it's working. Yes!

First day of swimming lessons.

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