Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a Quickie....

Our summers the last four years have been consumed by shaved ice.  Because we are so tied down to the summer business, we don't seem to have the opportunity to do much that requires we be gone for more than 12 minutes.  Compounded by the fact that in a few short weeks we'll be a party of five, I've been itching to get away.  Anywhere.

Enter Vernal, UT.

A quick trip to Dinosaur land was just what we needed.  We were gone a little over 24 hours, had a fun time, ate some good food, and got that little travel itch out of my system.  You see, my feet and ankles were not happy to sit in the car and by the time we got home Sunday night, were actually burning a bit.

But, my boys had a great time.  They love dinosaurs.  Heck, I don't even mind dinosaurs and pride myself on knowing the names and major characteristics of at least a dozen or more.  I can totally get into the Dino conversations of my boys and it makes me pretty cool.

Our trip was dominated by food, of course.  The dad in our house was in charge of where we went to eat, and even though it was just three meals, he made sure they were the best he could find.  El Chubasco in Park City, the Country Grub in Naples, UT for dinner and the Naples Cafe for breakfast on Sunday morning.

After a few quick visits to the Field museum in Vernal and Dinosaur National park visitors center and wall of fossils, we were on our way home.  But, whenever you get to stay in a hotel (especially when you finally have two little boys who will sleep in a hotel room), it's always fun.  I love not having to make three beds in the morning.

And, whenever I get to spend time with all three of my boys, even if two of them are super crazy and one occasionally ignores me for a date with his headphones, there aren't any people I'd rather hang out with.

And now....lots of pictures.

My husband loves to eat.
El Chubasco - with a monstrous salsa bar that has at least 15 different salsa's to choose from.

Road trip

More dinosaurs.

My feet look like they orbit a planet.

Dinner in Naples.....Utah.

Ding dongs and dinosaurs.


And, by the way, Vernal? You have the most amazing and beautiful main street flowers I've ever seen anywhere in my whole life. I was totally jealous.

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