Wednesday, August 29, 2012

an all too familiar limbo....

Saturday morning monitoring. But today I got a real room.

At the hospital yesterday, my blood pressure was almost normal.

Go figure.

This baby obviously needs some more time to cook and is willing my heart to slow down and stop working so hard.

Now, we wait until my appointment on Thursday.  If my blood pressure is high tomorrow, then my Doc and I will discuss having the baby this weekend, on Saturday, my parents wedding anniversary.  If my blood pressure is in that nasty gray area again, he's going to have me wait it out another week and go back to our planned dates of the 6th, 7th, or 8th of September.  Which means it could be one of the most icky weeks of my life.  Ug!

It's a tough spot to be in for me.  Miserable doesn't begin to describe the swelling and the headaches and the intense feelings of anxiety and chest pressure that are created by my high blood pressure and the fact that I'm a total paranoid spaz.

But, if this kid needs another week he can have another week.

I've been told in an important blessing that there will be times in my life where angels will need to look down on me from heaven to make sure that everything is okay, and that my health is okay.  I'm suspecting that this is one of those times and those wonderful grandma's of mine are working overtime - taking care of their heavenly duties and making sure I don't implode down here on earth - to make sure that this little baby gets every chance he can to get a good start.

It's funny though, that as terrible as I feel, I still have a sort of sense of peace about the whole thing.  Even though I think I want this kid here two weeks early, I really don't.

And so?  We wait.....

and wait.....

and wait......

But?  Last night before falling asleep, that husband of mine and I had a quick discussion about names.  We seem to have maybe settled on one, perhaps out of sheer exhaustion on the subject.  We'll just let it be a surprise to everyone.  Are you excited?

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