Saturday, October 27, 2012

All good things must come to an end...

On Friday night, Elliott and I, along with many other members of my family, froze our little and big butts off at the Hunter High School vs. Fremont High School state tournament football game.  It was the first round.  Hunter was the top seed and we had high expectations.  Unfortunately, things didn't pan out the way we wanted and our boys walked away without the victory, losing 14-6.

My parents have always taught us kids that no matter what happens, when you are involved in something, you do your best.  You give it your all.  You go hard or go home.  You finish whatever it is you are doing knowing that when you walk off the field, the court, the job, you did your absolute best and be proud of your accomplishments.

Well, my brother did just that.  His football career has come to an end, and he finished the final game of his final season with his head held high and a game well played.  And the first personal foul of his entire career, just for kicks.

The playoffs

Our butts are getting kicked and frozen but the sunset is pretty

So so so cold.  And we lost.  Blah  but, now on to basketball.

As Elliott and I left the game, we walked past Willie's car. I knew that he was going to be sad and wanted to leave him a little note. Not having any paper, I left him one in the next best thing.

Lip gloss.

Lipgloss love for my brother. He will be sad.

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Bing Math said...

He had a personal foul? (Oh, and they did score . . . 14-6)


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