Monday, October 22, 2012

Senior Night

My mom has already written about it here.

My sister copied and pasted what my mom wrote and added her own comments here.

I don't have a lot of thoughts of my own to add except that I'm proud of my brother.  He is a talented athlete, smart, handsome, and apparently though I didn't see it, has some pretty good dance moves.  It's hard to believe that all my years of watching this brother of mine play football are coming to an end, but there is just one, maybe two or three more games to his football career.

I've been watching him play football for 9 or 10 years, I cannot remember and I've never really been able to "see" him play.  But, I know he's on the field being big, being in charge, and smashing the little people that try and get past him.

He has done well.  He is finally bigger than me, but he was wearing cleats and I was slouching in the picture.  My grandpa came to the game and walked around the track to watch the senior night presentation.  I know that he was there representing all the grandparents - Willie's grandma's loved him dearly and I know that they were there in spirit yelling at him to play hard and ready to bop him with canes.

And now, the only thing I'm really good for....

The pictures.












Bing Math said...

You are good for many things . . . but you are very good for the pictures!

Emily said...

The pictures are beautiful Annie. I agree with your sister. You are good for many things. Great post. It is sad to see his football days come to a close. He is beyond a great kid. I am excited for him and his future.


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