Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Quinner: 1 month


Today my little Quinner, you are one month old.  This afternoon, after you shot milk out your nose all over my shoulder and then pooped all over my lap, you were a super content and happy little camper so Wyatt and I set you up for a little photo shoot.   You my boy, are one cute little 4 week old, 80 year old man.

The last month has flown by.  Just today I was thinking about how big you've gotten in the last few weeks.  I'm sure you weigh at least 10 pounds by now and know that you are on the path to follow in your brother's footsteps of "giantness" and I couldn't be more pleased.

One month old today. Even though he looks 80.
There of course isn't much to say about a little guy who is one month old.  You have not yet won a Nobel Peace Prize, but you definitely bring some peace to our family.  Your mere presence has robbed me of most of my ability to yell at your brothers and I find myself perfectly content to sit in a chair with you all day long.  Yes, I get frustrated because I feel like there is just so much to do every day but when it comes right down to it, there isn't any other place I'd rather be.


At one month you are so strong. You can hold your head up so well, even when you are on your tummy.  You can clasp your hands together and fold your arms which fascinates your brothers.  You can smile and coo, and follow us around the room with your eyes.  Several times a day I catch you looking into space and desperately trying to talk.  I'm sure to the angels in heaven that are checking up on you, making sure that you are safe and happy and ready to be a part of this crazy family of boys and one uptight mama.

Little Quinner, everyone loves you so much.  Your brother's adore you.  Wyatt asks me a million times a day if you are awake so that he can talk to you.  Elliott wants to know the exact moment you do things and if he did the same thing when he was one month old.


I have never been more happy or exhausted in my entire life adding you to the family.  Life these days is a finely orchestrated series of feedings and carpools and bottles and pumps and sleep and lots and lots of diaper changes.  You are a bit gassy, a bit explosive, and seem to shoot milk out your nose at the exact moment you blast other stuff out your butt.  The butt causes you some grief but surprisingly shooting milk out your nose doesn't seem to phase you in the slightest.


Yes baby boy, we love you lots and lots and lots.  I'd say your first month in the family has been a success and we are ready for more.

I love you!

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