Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Quinner: 2 months


Okay little buddy - two months have just flown by.  Before I know it, you'll be three, then five, the 18 years old and my baby will be on a mission to some far away place without his mama.

Oh boy!

Yesterday was your two month appointment.
The stats:
15.15 pounds
23 1/4 inches long
41 cm head circumference

This puts you in the 60th percentile for height and off the chart for weight, just like your brothers.  For the sake of comparison, at 2 months old, Elliott weighed 16 pounds and Wyatt weighed 14 so you are right in the middle.  It makes sense, you are an eating machine.  Whereas your brothers at two months had graduated to 6 and 8 ounce bottles, eating less frequently during the day, you are drinking 4 ounces every 2 hours almost like clockwork.  I told your dad a couple of weeks ago that I think you are going to be the biggest of our boys.  Elliott will be tall and skinny.  Wyatt will be average and husky and you?  You will just be big, big big!


You remind me of your brothers so much.  Besides looking exactly like them, you have so many of the same patterns and routines.  You are alert and awake all of the time, napping hardly at all.  You are the king of the 20 minute cat-nap and if I'm lucky, you'll crash for an hour or so in the swing once in the afternoon.  You do not like to lay down, but prefer to sit up and soak in all the world has to offer.  You hold your head up perfectly, claps your hands together and have discovered that sucking on your fist is a pretty good way to pass the time.  Your favorite places to be are sitting on my lap facing the world or perched on my shoulder with a birds eye view of life.

Just like your brothers, you are insisting on growing up too fast and it's killing me.  I love it!  But, it's killing me.  The little snuggle butt of a few weeks ago has already given way for a man about town.  
The last month has been great.  You have a pretty good routine, thanks in part to the schedules of your brothers and you are eating well.  Thank heavens too, that the feeding frenzy of the first month has slowed down and I can actually get a few things done because you aren't starving all the time.  You are sleeping well, going for 7 hour stretches at night.  Daylight savings has messed up a bit the last couple nights, but you really are doing well.  The evenings bring a little bit of fussiness, but nothing like either of your brothers.  That is a blessing too.

Baby boy stop growing. Wearing 6 mo clothes today at 6 weeks old. Tear**

A little over a week ago I noticed that your belly button looked strange.  I had the family nurse, Uncle James look at it, and he said that it was a remnant of your umbilical cord, that it had kept growing.  The official term is "Umbilical Granuloma" and you are going to have to have it surgically removed.  It looks like a little red button so I'm sure (and hopeful) that the procedure isn't too complicated.  We need to call and schedule an appointment with Primary Children's Pediatric surgery unit next week to get it take care of.

Other than that, you are healthy and happy.  For Halloween, you were a "fat baby" and lived up to your costume remarkably well.  You have started to smile and coo and talk to us.  I'm pretty sure that after your bath is your most favorite time of day.  There is nothing better than being naked, peeing on the bed and being completely doted on by your mama and brothers (when they are around) to get a little guy talking and even laughing a bit.

I am 100% convinced that you are the peacemaker in our family.  When the big iggies start to fight, you get fussy and they stop.  When I yell at them to stop wrestling and killing each other, you curl your bottom lip and start to cry.  When dad carries you around you stare and study his face, his voice, and he is the miracle baby carrier - he has not yet failed in getting you to sleep in the evenings by lugging your chubby little self all over the house.

Christmas card perfect.  If only they were really being good and not pretending

Reading after lunch

Your brothers still adore you.  Your cousin Molly tries to squeeze your head, and your cousin baby Jack just stares at you with wide eyes.  I know that the two of you will be good friends.  Grandma Connie told us that cousin Isaac in Arizona calls you "Lightning McQuinn" which we've started to call you at home, too.  I cannot wait for your Arizona cousins to meet you - you'll love them, too.

On Sunday, you were blessed by your dad.  He did a great job.  I think that there were 12 priesthood holders in the circle, and about 60 people at church to witness the blessing and support you and our little family.  It was such a beautiful day.  I know that your grandmas who took such good care of you in heaven were watching from above, wrapping us in their love.



Oh my boy.  I love you so much.  You are my baby forever and ever and I am so glad you are with us.

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