Saturday, February 23, 2013

Before I forget

Chilaxin at grandma's house.

For as much as I lament about January, February is pretty cool.  Probably it's cool because it's so short and it's not two degrees outside.  I mean, when you actually see some blue sky and the car thermometer hits 44?  That's pretty wicked awesome.

Lately, I've been feeling like a bit of a failure in the mom to two older boys department.  I do my best to hang out with them and hug them and love them and not get too grumpy at them but I'm failing.  Little squishy babies take up so much time, don't they?  And, my boys are getting so much bigger and so much more independent that it's just all going by so quickly.

The other night while Elliott was in the shower, Wyatt and I were laying on my bed.  He climbed up and burrowed into me and we were just hanging out.  I was tickling his toes and he was jabbering on about a lynx or something like that.  While we were talking I said, "Wyatt, what was your favorite part of the day today?" and he turned and looked at me and said, "Right now mom.  This is my favorite part of the day."

Melted my heart I tell ya.  Lying with him on the bed was probably my favorite part of the day, too.  I need to make sure to seize more of those moments with me and my boys before they are too cool to have me be their favorite part of the day.

Kindles for Christmas were Worth every penny Santa paid for them.

Both big boys have had parent teacher conferences in the last three two weeks and both boys had wonderful reports from their teachers.  

Elliott got all "E" grades, which is the kindergarten equivalent of an "A".  He is also reading on a first grade level, and I think is nearly finished with the kindergarten reading books.  He passes off a book a day in school, except for Friday's when they do PE instead of reading.  His teacher, Mrs. Easton, told us that he is an exceptional student, is kind to all his classmates, is helpful and a great kid to have in class.  The couple of times I've been able to go and volunteer I've been so proud of him.  He is a champion student, and I'm pretty sure, also after volunteering, that he is one of the smartest, if not the smartest kid in his class.

Two weeks ago he was the Friday VIP.  That meant that we got to make him a poster and he got to talk about himself, his poster, and pass out treats at school.  When we were getting ready for his VIP and talking about all the different things he could do or take as a treat, he was very specific about what he wanted.  He wanted his dad to take him to buy doughnuts before school.  He wanted his dad to come and watch him do his VIP presentation.  He did not want his mom, or his baby brother (Wyatt was at school) to come and interfere.  He wanted it to just be something special for him and his dad.  Thank heavens Ross' morning was open and it all worked out.  When I picked him up from school that day, he was beaming from ear to ear.

And Wyatt?  Remarkably, he does well in school, too.  His teacher, Mrs Anderson said that he too is kind to others and a good classmate, that he follows rules, and that he is a meticulous student.  She showed me his writing samples and some of his work and he is surprisingly good at coloring in the lines, cutting straight lines and writing his name.  When we did his valentines, he would only write the "tt" for his name, but at school, he writes his whole name very well.  She also told me that he is the only kid in his class who can count to 20 and beyond without skipping a number and knows all the days of the week and months of the year.  Good for him.

I have good boys.  And, I love them a lot!

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