Sunday, February 17, 2013

In a nutshell....

In kindergarten he writes suspense novels

My kid is getting really good at writing stories. We have kindergarten parent teacher conferences this week.

Waiting my turn at preschool parent teacher conferences

Went to parent teacher conferences for Mr. Personality. His preschool teacher loves him, he can write his name all by himself at school (for mom he will only write the "TT" at the end), and he is the only kid in his class who knows the days of the week, the months of the year, and can count to 20 without skipping a number.

Helping my sister tonight. 160 cake pops made, dipped, bagged and labeled

My sister's brother-in-law got married this weekend. She wanted to do a favor for the luncheon and I insisted on cake pops. We made 160 or so, bagged and labeled them all in one night thanks to the extra helping hands of my Aunt Karen.

Happy VD

Valentine's day was, as always a bust. I ate the cupcakes I bought for myself, but my boys had a great day. VD is almost as big of a candy haul as Halloween.  Totally crazy.  And, why I have expectations, anticipations, interpretations, aspirations, or genuine hope for a romantic gesture on this day I don't know. Like my husband told his mother when she asked what he got me, "Nothing. She's used to disappointment". But, I guess I really ought to be grateful that my vacuum is back from the shop and works good as new. Even though that does not count as a gift.

Blue sky

There was some blue sky this past week. Hallelujah and praise the Lord. If only it were here to stay. I don't even care if it continues to be butt cold....I just want some blue sky and some sunshine.

@willie_petersen44 this needs to  be your new profile picture

Friday night was my brother's last home game as a high school athlete. It was a nail biter to the end and an awesome win to end his home court career on. Only one more region game and then it's off to the playoffs. I'm excited.

Yeah I guess that sums it up.

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