Monday, February 18, 2013

The first tooth

This drooly monster has a tooth.

So, this baby of mine has been super droooly lately.  Like, enough drool to fill the great salt lake.  Or, at least enough to fill the palm of my hand.  Along with the drool, he's been a bit irritable so we sort of knew that the long process of teething was beginning.  

This baby of mine, though he doesn't nap (EVER!) has been a pretty much perfect night sleeper since he was just over two months old.  But, he's had some pretty fussy nights recently and last night in particularly, was up in the night once for a while and cried out in his sleep several times.

I should have put two and two together, but not until I was playing with him on my bed this morning did I notice the little, very sharp, white tooth under his tongue.  Yes, at 5.5 months old, he's got his first tooth and I'm pretty sure that the second is close behind.

The other two boys had serious teething issues.  Fevers, no sleep, ear infections, quit drinking name it, we dealt with it.  But this baby!  He just fussed a bit in the night and the tooth was in.  If teething can be like this, I don't have too much problem with it.  I'm sure that there will be a struggle at some point, but how exciting that the little fart has a tooth.

It's pretty exciting.

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