Saturday, February 09, 2013

Family Photos Griswald Style

Months ago, Haley, my Mom and I decided that we needed a new family photo.  The last one of all of us was done when Wyatt was 2 months old.  Well, that was almost 4 years ago and we've added three babies since then so yes, we were due.

Not really knowing where to go, Haley mentioned that a teacher at school (or someone in her neighborhood?  I cannot remember) had used FotoFly and really liked it so I checked out the website and booked us an appointment that wouldn't interfere with meals or naps or any of that crazy kid stuff because with 5 kiddos 6 and under, we knew the pictures would be a bit of a challenge.

Well, today was the day.  I'd been stressing over outfits and timing for more time than it was worth, but we were all 12 of us, going to be color coordinated in red, blue, and grey - my mom's color palette of choice.  At my house, we were frantically getting ready.  Ross got home from scout camp just in time to shower and get dressed, I showered last night but hadn't washed my hair or done any make-up, and we of course didn't want to get any of  the boys dressed until the very last minute to avoid any and all wardrobe malfunctions.

Just as we were literally heading out the door - late of course, my mom called Ross' phone.  My sister had been trying to get a hold of me.  On their way to the photo studio, Molly puked all over herself in the car.

Ug!  Poor little girl.  She'd been sort of sick but Haley thought she would be okay for the pictures.  She wasn't.  Not wanting to cancel the appointment, the five of us in our color coordinated outfits did the photo session anyway and the results were....well...not too shabby.  I dislike getting my picture taken, and feel like an oompa loopma in every single picture, but I'm happy to have a record of what my little family looks like right now.

And, fotofly was awesome.  They were prompt and our photographer was so cute and great with the kids.  An hour after our pictures were taken, they have them ready for us to view and buy.  They have a flat fee that includes your session and all your pictures on a CD (Or flash drive) and they'll sell you prints of your pictures right then and there.  The whole experience was really pretty great.  I will definitely be going more Jacques Penne for our kiddo pictures.

So, want to see a few?  I'm partial, but my boys are really cute.  Even my husband.  Go figure.







Bing Math said...

Sorry we messed up the plans, but it looks like it turned out great!

Codi said...

I'm so glad you kept the appointment - these are great!

The boys do all look darling but Annie, you look so beautiful! I love your hair and those colors look great on you, so pretty.

I've heard of this place before - maybe we'll have to check them out too.

p.s. kind of sad that Quinn is growing up so fast - he'll be walking any day! :)

fivewoods said...

Very cute!


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