Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Major Award

My kid got his first ever award at school today.  #proud

Last week, on Monday, when Elliott got in the car after school he told me that he had something special to show me.

"What is it?" I asked.
"You'll just have to wait and see..." he said.  "It's a special award!" he said immediately after.
"A special award?  What did you do?" I replied.
"I wrote a good leprechaun book" he told me back.

We got home and he emptied the contents of his backpack, saving his major award for last.

My good boy had received the Principals Pride award.  I asked if any other kids in his class got the award.  He said no, that the principal brought it to his teacher just for him.  I was proud.  I wasn't quite sure I understood the what or why, but I was so proud of him.  The award was a certificate, stapled to a bunch of free stuff that he was excited about, and included the leprechaun story he had written in class about a leprechaun named Max whose favorite color was gold.

We immediately called dad to tell him the exciting news and sent him a picture of the award.

That night, after dinner, Elliott rushed to me in the kitchen.

"Mom, I almost forgot.  I got this important letter in my bag and I need to give it to you."

I opened that important letter.   It was a form letter, with the previous Friday's date, from the principal, telling Elliott's parents that he was going to be receiving an award in a special ceremony on Monday morning before school in the library.  Parents and grandparents, and their cameras were invited to attend.  The kids would be honored by the principal, have their picture taken, and get a treat.

We obviously missed the ceremony.

Maybe next time.

But, we are very very proud of this kid and all his accomplishments.  Kindergarten is almost over and he will only have a three week break before his life changes and he becomes a first grader, going to school all day long.

Man alive, this kid is growing up fast.

Goodbye California.   We had a great time. #sotired #feethurtfordays

It's only his second day off track and he's already doing school work all inn his own.

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