Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goings on...

For as much as I don't think that we have too much going on, it seems like we have a lot going on.  Or maybe not.  I'm tired, but that could be for lots of reasons.   Mostly, maybe because I stay up late watching "The Mindy Project" on Hulu.  Or it could be my insane allergies.

Anyway - here's a glimpse of our goings on for those of you who aren't using instagram.

Elliott started baseball. He's had three freezing cold games, of which Quinn and I have only made it to half of one. I love my big boy and his sweet skills, but not at the cost of my already boogery baby.

Oh my how we've changed
Ross and I "celebrated" our anniversary. We had plans for Saturday morning but they fell through (two kids with baseball practice and kid birthday parties to attend blew things up pretty quickly). We ended up just going to dinner and walking around the mall. LAME-O, right? We actually postponed our plans for a couple of weeks from now when we don't think that there will be quite as much going on.

Told you over the top.  You see my husband adheres to the adage #gobigorgohome
Ross did though give me this giant bouquet of flowers for our anniversary and he came home from work a little bit early. They are beautiful and still going strong a week later.

Grandma's chillins
On Sunday, Grandma Judy wanted an updated picture of all the cousins. They cooperated as best as they could except that now that our little Jackity Jack can walk he will not hold still. This was the only picture he wasn't a blur. You should have seen what his grandma and mother had to do to get him to freeze, even if just for a second.

My grandpa's front porch #ilovethisplace
We visited with my grandpa on Sunday. His tulips are beautiful.

Big boy playing all by himself

This little fat rat is getting so much better at sitting up and playing with toys. He's even proven himself sturdy enough for him to have a couple baths in the big bath tub. I have an irrational fear of supervised baby drowning so I've still been giving him a bath in the teeny tiny bathtub but I think he's ready for the move.

Zoo fieldtrip was kind of lame...

Yesterday, we all went on a field trip with the kindergarten to the zoo. It was freezing butt cold and the field trip was pretty lame. We didn't stay together as a school group, it was just a free for all when the parents showed up. Oh well, Elliott still got to ride on a bus, which he thought was pretty awesome.

No need to go to paris because I just finished making my own chocolate macarons and they are straight from heaven. My technique needs work as does my patience with ganache but I feel awesome! @codileighs I'm going to make these for your bake sale.

Yesterday, I made French Macarons, like the ones Ross brought me back from Paris in March. They were absolutely delicious and I was pretty proud of myself. They weren't as hard as I thought they would be, though they were pretty labor intensive and the taste. Almost better than the Parisian original. I'll definitely be making more to perfect my technique and to test some new flavors.

Can you read it? "Dad please don't eat. Wyatt".  He put this on the box of doughnuts so his dad won't eat his.  Not bad for a three year old who wouldn't even write a "w" last Fall
Wyatt's first t-ball game of the season was last night. If he didn't cry, he got to have a doughnut. He didn't cry and got super nervous before bedtime that his dad would eat the extra doughnut with sprinkles. So, he wrote a note to his dad. I was pretty impressed. Can you read what it says?

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emj said...

I feel bad that you are still not feeling well. I would love to make macarons with you next time you make them. The times that I think I don't have a lot going on is when I seem to have the most going on. Funny how that happens.


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