Saturday, April 06, 2013

Disneyland Leftovers

The only camera I took was my phone.  I don't even own a functioning compact camera anymore and it seems to suit me just fine.  Though I instagrammed a lot of photos (follow me on instagram "annieh") I took a bunch more that are worth sharing. 

Before we get to that though, I have a funny story.  Want to hear it?

As mentioned previously, we flew to Long Beach, rented a car on Thursday and drove to San Diego.  We stayed at a cool old hotel right in the heart of San Diego, the Lafayette and on Friday morning got up and drove to Escondido to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  We arrived right at 9 am along with all the other tourists in black socks and sandals and parked our car, as directed.

Jambo!  Every employee in the whole stinkin' park shouted Jambo at us all day long.  I'm a spaz and when my kids asked what Jambo meant, I started to say it was "African for hello", you know, because African is a language.

Told you, Spaz!

Anyway, while we were waiting to pay for parking, the Quinner started to do his car seat grunt routine which only means one thing.

Diaper change.

So, while I was getting the boys out of the mini van and situating all our crap, Ross was changing the diaper on the floor in the middle section of the van.  That's when I heard a small yell.  I walked around the corner and there I saw it.

The fecal matter that required the diaper change was on the ground.

The ASSphalt, to be specific.  (Ross wanted me to make sure that I got that joke in there.  You know, poop on the asphalt....ha!)

You see, the baby in the family, upon the removal of one soiled diaper kicked his legs triumphantly and kicked that diaper out of the van and onto the ground, open end down.  Oops.

The mini argument between the parents in our family was probably comical had anyone been watching.  One of us, (him) wanted to just leave the giant baby turd on the ground and the other of us, (Me) felt the need to pick it up and put it back in the diaper to throw away in a trash can. 

In the end (another bum joke) I won.  My argument?  If pet owners have to pick up their dog's crap off the street, then surely a baby's refuse should be picked up as well.  Right?  Ross wanted me, upon picking it up with a hand protected by 17 wet wipes, to throw it in the bushes by our car but I did not.  I put it back in the diaper, folded it up and threw it in the garbage.  And, at the first bathroom near the entrance to the park, I washed my hands vigorously.

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Now, for the remainder of the pictures.






This is Willie's picture, but it might be my most favorite of the whole trip.








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