Sunday, April 07, 2013

Quinner: 7 months

Alrighty Mister, a few days late but you are a whole 7 months old this week.  My oh my how time is flying by.  I keep posting pictures to instagram with the hashtag #mybabyisgrowingtofast and man oh man is it true.  You my boy are a mighty soul with a wild spirit and I love you oh so much.
Let's see, where to begin.
In the last four weeks you've flown round-trip on an airplane.
You survived Disneyland and sleeping in a hotel room cramed with noisy brothers, a mom that gets up to go to the bathroom and a dad that sometimes snores. 
You learned how to roll over and are such a mover and shaker that your chubby wubby left elbow is covered with carpet burns.  Watching you roll over is pretty funny, it's like what I would imagine a rhinocerous looks like rolling over, but you can heft that weight around pretty well.

Three minutes ago this baby was in the center of the rug. #mybabyisgrowingtoofast
You have started to nap a little bit better - taking at least one full hour nap a day.  But, getting you to take that nap is a work out.  It's strange, but unlike your brothers who were dependent upon blankies and binkies, you don't have any item to pacify and soothe you.  For the first 6 months of your life it was me, good old mom, but now that were not doing that anymore, you've yet to find your thing.  You don't rock to sleep and you don't fall asleep drinking a bottle.  The only thing at this point that works is motion in the form of a stroller.  So, every afternoon when you hit the wall, I put you in your car seat, hook the car seat into the stroller adapter and spend the next 10 minutes pushing you around the kitchen island in the stroller.  Sometimes we venture into the dining room, but the wood floor is easier and faster.  Once you're out, I've got hopefully one hour, maybe a little bit more, to do everything I need to get done in the entire day.  It's a rush for certain.

That look?   He just found out he is the little brother.   He's in shock

You are eating #2 baby foods and are finally taking a little bit of a break and going sometimes 4 hours between eating.  That is pretty amazing to me, I didn't think you'd every get off the every two hours "feed me" routine.  And, I introduced little cereal puffs and watered down apple juice this week.  You love the puffs but aren't to sure about the juice.  Maybe you want it straight up?

Watered down apple juice and cereal puffs.  This kid is full of firsts.

You laugh a lot, fake cough a lot, and have learned how to spit.  You cry if I take something out of your hand and finally have stopped leaning forward when I hold you on my hip.  You are very cute and handsome and have the bluest eyes in the whole family.  In fact at Disneyland several times and even at target the other day, people have been commenting to me about your baby blues.
When you meet someone new, or want to tell us that you love us, you touch out faces.  Just a light rub of the cheek, or you'll trace your hand along a jaw line.  It's pretty funny, but definitely seems to be your method of communication.  You do it to me and Grandma Judy the most.  Grandma says it means you love her and I agree.

As always you adore your brothers and they love you right back.  I think every single day they love you more.  That make my heart super happy.

10 min. w/o tipping over and going strong  #mybabyisgrowingtoofast

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