Thursday, June 06, 2013

Pomp and Circumstance

Today was the day, the big graduation day.

My boys and I spent the morning sweating at the zoo.  Then we went to the Hawaiian Hut to pick up the leis I had ordered for Willie to wear at graduation.  After we dropped off the leis to Grandma Judy's fridge, played and stuffed ourselves with pizza, we headed home just in time to get ready, have a snack, take Elliott to baseball practice, bring Elliott home from baseball practice and head to graduation.

Graduation was boring.  Most are, I suppose but it was really hard to hear the speakers, the crowd was terribly rowdy and unruly, and the Madrigals sang, of all songs, "the wind beneath my wings".  Way to stay current Madrigals.  Don't you all watch Glee?

Anyway, the highlight of the ceremonies was, of course, Mr. President.  He stood heads taller than those around him, and after a season of tennis, glowed with his bright blond hair.  As valedictorian, he gave a great speech that reminded me of how much my brother is half me, and half my sister.  He cracked a goofy joke or two, he told some stories and he listed out the points of his talk.  He talked about how important it is to seize the day, make a difference and that, like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, all your (HHS students) wildest dreams can come true.  And he talked about Shavy Jones which nearly brought a tear to my eye.

After the reading of the millions of names was over and the graduation commencement had commenced we waited and waited and waited for that brother of mine to make it outside to his adoring fans, his family.

Words cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of this boy.

I am proud.  And so excited for what his future holds.

Big things are a comin' Willie Petersen.  You had better be ready.

And now, a serious picture overload....
(Willie, you can get these and more (many many more) of flickr.  Dad can show you how)


















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