Saturday, June 08, 2013

Quinner: 9 months


The nine month milestone blows my mind.  It took 38 weeks to get you here, little brother, a little over nine months time, and that felt like forever.  But kiddo, you've now been alive for a smidge over nine months and time is flying by so quickly, that I just want to freeze the world and make everything stand still for a minute.  Or, find superman and have him spin the world backwards for a bit so I can get some baby time back because kiddo - you are not my little squishy baby anymore.

The last few weeks for you have been crazy.  You got 6 teeth, learned how to crawl, figured out how to "walk" in your Lightning McQueen walker, opened drawers and cupboards, and bonked your head on everything.  You are turning into a very cute little trouble maker and keeping me on my toes.  So far, I've fished a Lego, a Nerf bullet, a penny, some grass, some carpet, and a little cover for a light on a necklace out of your mouth.  Your brothers never shoved stuff in their mouths - but they always had binkers as plugs - you, not being a binker kid, have a hankering for all things dangerous.

You attended your first high school graduation and slept through it.  You made your second trip to the zoo and after a while, with much protesting on your part, I got you out of the stroller and you tried to make out with the harbor seals through the glass.  Having big kid experiences is all the rage these days.  No more being content watching from the sidelines - heck, you'll even crawl on concrete and wet grass so you can try and pick up an ant to eat.  I heard they are a delicacy in some parts of the world.

The seals blew his mind @hoglezoo
This past month, your dear dumb mother, also had a terrible parenting moment with you and I'm so sorry.  A few weeks ago, Elliott had the flu.  A few days after he got better, Wyatt got it, mostly in the toilet but a lot on the floor - yeah for dark brown carpet.  I went outside to get dad and asked Elliott to watch you, even though he was playing on his kindle and didn't have any idea I was talking to him.  And me, the dummy, didn't close the back door (this crawling stuff is killing me!).  Long story short, I came into the house to a screaming for his life little baby and one scared older brother.  You apparently had crawled to the back door, fell down the steps in the garage and Elliott heard you screaming, scooped you up with a rush of adrenaline and brought you back into the house, where you promptly threw up.  You too, had the flu and continued throwing up for most of the night.  I panicked and begged your dad to take you to instacare because I was certain you had a baby concussion.  He humored me, took you to the doctor in the late night, they said you had the flu and wanted us to take you to Primary Children's up by the "U" just in case you hurt your brain.  We decided to keep you home and you were fine.  It was bottles only (sometimes only 2 ounces at a time) for a few days but by memorial day you started perking back up.

We all learned our lesson with that one and have been so much more careful since.  Mobile babies are my worst nightmare and you are so fast for being such a fat little fart - keeping everyone in this house on our toes.

You also had your first road trip this month.  We went to St. George, Utah for a family reunion for dad's family.  It was hot.  It was quick.  It was on mom's birthday, which sort of bummed me out.  But, we did get to spend time with a lot of dad's extended family, cousins, and even went to a movie for mom's "birthday activity".  You of course, slept through the whole thing.  Such a good boy.  The road trip was right in the middle of you having the flu, so you weren't your normal crazy self, but you charmed everyone nonetheless.


My boys and my nephews.  People say they look alike.
You participated in your first parred down Memorial Day.  Your brothers and I visited mom's grandma's the day before we went to St. George.  You slept through Grandma Huber but were awake and got out of the car for Grandma P.  I'm pretty sure that you knew those grandmas were loving on you, after all, they sent you to our little family now, didn't they?

My "grandma p."  She's been gone almost 5 years and it seems like yesterday.   #missmygrandmas
Little buddy, you are continually blowing my mind.  You are the cutest, smartest, and funniest little 9 month old baby there ever was in the whole world....and as always, we love you lots and lots.


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